MySpy Feature - Fully Wireless

Zero Cables

The wireless Myspy horse camera wirelessly beams a signal to your phone screen placed in the vehicle cabin. With 2.4 GHz WiFi, Get up to 100 metres (300 feet) range with our improved antenna. Watch your horse directly on your standard IOS or Android device. Simply download our App.


MySpy Feature - Magnetic Base

Magnetic Camera Base

With its magnetic base you can just stick the camera to any metal part of your float. Connect it to any IOS or Android smartphone and enjoy the ease of mind, while keeping your horse monitored.


MySpy Feature - Battery Life

8hrs Use in a Single Charge

The battery fully charges in less than 2 hours, but allows for 8 hours continuous use. Enjoy safe journey, while keeping an eye on your horse the whole time.


MySpy Feature - Weather Resistance

Rain and Temperature Resistant

Want to use your MySpy horse camera to watch after your horse outside of the float? You can do just that. No matter the weather conditions IP 44 Weather resistancy means you don't have to worry about rain, cold or hot weather.


Express Setup in 30 Seconds

How it Works?

The wireless Myspy horse camera wirelessly beams the signal directly to your phone or a tablet. It can be placed anywhere in your vehicle cabin (on your dash, vents, or windshield). The camera operates in any type of lighting, including complete darkness.

The system allows you to constantly monitor your horse while on the road to events or new pastures. If you see any signs that your horse is not safe and comfortable, you can simply pull over and check on your horse before continuing.

The magnetic camera readily attaches to your float’s ceiling, wall, or any metal surface and includes fully rechargeable batteries that operate for up to eight hours.

MySpy Horse Float Camera