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We love what we do

MYSpy has been developed by an award-winning team of engineers, veterinary nurses and equine muscular therapists.

Our working process

Develop conceptually innovative equine products to make horse transportation safer possible and give peace of mind to the driver.


Based in Australia,

we have seen it all when it comes to the dangers of transporting horses and the injuries that occur and worsen when the driver doesn’t know what has happened and keeps on driving unaware that their horse is suffering.

So we put our heads together and set out to find a simple solution to the problem of monitoring your horse while traveling in a float.

The dangers of horse transport are very real. Even if you use a well-designed horse float and load your horse with care, without any way to see inside the float you will not be aware if your animal is stressed, ill or has become injured. Sudden stops or turns could lead to injury and there is no way to predict illness. Obviously, you also can’t stop every few minutes to check on your horse.

There had to be a way to make horse transport safer and more secure for both horse and driver, and we set out to find the best possible solution.

While there were horse cameras already available on the market, we looked into these and realized they were wired and not only difficult to install but could easily short if the wiring was damaged. So we came up with a completely wireless alternative that is extremely easy to install and works without a single wire connection, making it far more dependable.

Now we can proudly say we have revolutionized the industry, providing horse owners internationally with the ultimate safety solution at an affordable price.

The battery fully charges in less than 2 hours, but allows for 8 hours continuous use.

Attach the camera anywhere using its strong magnetic base. No drilling needed.

Connect the camera to your chosen device and and that's it. Enjoy safe journey, while keeping an eye on your horse the whole time.